Dog Training Equipment

Dog Training Equipment Definitions and Vocabulary.

Lately i have been seeing some confusion about various pieces of training equipment and thought it would be nice to have an easy way for people to know which is which and what they are called. this will make things easier when talking with other dog people about equipment. for example an electronic collar remote being referred to as a “clicker” may make sense to the person using it but to many other people it will mean a reward marker clicker that makes an audible click when pressed, you can see how quickly this can get confusing in conversation.

This is a pinch collar, sometimes referred to as a prong collar. When pulled on it causes a pinching sensation to the dog in order to discourage a behavior.

These are a couple of slip collars, also known as a choke chain or choker.

These are both called clickers. They are used for reward marker training to let the dog know when she has done a correct behavior. The click that is made is very distinct and easy for dogs to recognize. The one to the left has a volume control so it can be toned down for sound sensitive dogs.

This is a tug toy for… well tugging. Some will use this as just a toy and others will use this as part of a dogs reward system along with food and other toys like kongs and balls.

This one is called a training tab. For traditional leash and collar training this would be used to give a pop on a collar when a leash is not being used.

This is a retractable leash. The leash material automatically spools up inside the handle allowing the handler to let the dog have more freedom of movement without having to keep grabbing up the slack that a long leash would have.

This one is called a remote collarelectronic collar, e- collar and sometimes referred to as a shock collar. it provides an adjustable level of electric stimulation from as far away as 1 mile. Some people use it as a negative stimulation only and others use it as a way to give information to the dog at very low levels. It is a very controversial piece of equipment to say the least.

Here we have a rigid plastic muzzle referred to as a basket muzzle. there are many types of basket muzzle ranging from plastic, wire, leather and combinations of these materials.

This is a collar that has a prong and hole type buckle. Of the many types of buckles this one is usually the safest as it wont break under pressure the way many of the snap together plastic ones will.

And finally we have along line. It is basically just a long leash used for working your dog at a distance ranging from as little as 10 feet up to and over 50 feet.






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    Such dog training equipments can be very handy in training your lovely dog.

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